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We are pleased that you are considering Catholic-Link and delighted to receive unsolicited articles. As you know Catholic-Link focuses on offering apostolic resources which include images, videos and other materials that can be useful for apostolate, especially with youth.

In recent years, one of the greatest apostolic challenges is not only how to teach the “faith,” but also to teach a “life of faith.” It has become a constant struggle for Catholics, and particularly the youth, to grasp how their beliefs can relate to their daily lives. They may believe in God to some degree, maybe they go to Church on Sunday, or even participate in a youth group; but, they don’t understand how that has any bearing on their daily activities.

Our publications, then, are aimed at explaining and offering resources that allow others to make the link between our faith and our lives. For us, a key question to ask yourself after writing your article is: Is this publication useful? Can I imagine someone using this publication for a talk or a small group?

Types of Publications

1. Videos

Websites such as Youtube or Vimeo offer an enormous variety of visual content. While a large portion of it is of low quality, useful and compelling content can be found. If find a good video – or series of videos – that you think could be helpful, grab the link and write a post explaining how an apostole might use this video in his or her evangelisation.

2. Image galleries

We are convinced (after years of teaching religion classes, working in small groups, and giving conferences) that image galleries are an excellent apostolic resources because they allow use to harmonize our deep content with images that lighten the discourse, making it more digestible for today’s visual generation: they keep the imagination entertained and make it easier to remember.

All images submitted need to be Creative Commons and, if required, submitted with the author’s attribution (name and link to where you got the photo).

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Thank you again for considering our page and helping us to improve it’s content. We will review all submissions; for those posts that we consider to be pertinent for the Catholic-Link audience, please count on a response within 7-10 business days.  Please note, at this time we are not offering compensation to authors.

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